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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

Examples of Approved Course Syllabi

There is no “one size fits all” syllabus, but these might provide you with ideas about how to design and display grading criteria or rubrics that “point to” how the instructor will assess Liberal Studies learning objectives. This information is useful for course reviewers, but also communicates to students what is expected of them in specific kinds of Liberal Studies courses. Feel free to get ideas from these syllabi or adapt items to fit your style and teaching needs. Information about how the course activities and assessments are built into your course can be conveyed to reviewers by embedding it throughout the syllabus or via a syllabus appendix. If you use an appendix, feel free to retain or exclude it when you publish it for students. Please see the “Course Development Guide” in the Faculty Resources section of the Liberal Studies website for more detailed information about submitting a course for Liberal Studies approval.

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