How to Submit a Curricular Request

Using the Curricular Request Application (CRA)

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All curricular requests are submitted and processed using the Curricular Request Application. Our YouTube Channel offers a variety of tutorials that will walk you through the basic steps of submitting a request. The following videos outline how to access the system and fill out the forms as needed to submit a request.

The Liberal Studies Course Submission Training Canvas Org is a self-paced course intended to help faculty and staff familiarize themselves with the process of preparing and submitting a course for Liberal Studies approval.

Additionally, the Office of Distance Learning provides a helpful guide here that answers commonly asked questions about navigating the CRA.

Submitting a Request for a New Course

The following video illustrates how to submit a curricular request for a new course with one or more Liberal Studies designations.

If you are interested in adding Liberal Studies designations to an existing course that is not yet approved for Liberal Studies, please see the next tutorial.

Submitting a Change Request for an Existing Course

This next video illustrates how to submit a change request for an existing course. Examples of a change request include:

  • Adding or removing any Liberal Studies designations to/from an existing course
  • Adding or removing a delivery method (i.e. fully online, face-to-face) for an existing course
  • Changing a course title, objectives, evaluation criteria, course content, etc.

Step One: Course Information Form

This video illustrates how to complete the first form in the curricular request process: the Course Information form.

The Course Information form includes information such as:

  • The reason(s) for the curricular request and the faculty who have approved the request
  • The full course title and transcript title
  • Minimum and maximum credit hours
  • Grade type (graded or pass/fail)
  • Pre- and co-requisites
  • Course objectives
  • Catalog description
  • College and department(s) housing the course
  • Liberal Studies designation(s) being requested

Step Two: Delivery Method Form and Competency Certifications

This video illustrates how to complete the second form in the curricular request process: the Delivery Method form.

The Delivery Method form includes information such as:

  • Type of delivery method (traditional/face-to-face, tech enhanced, partially online, mostly online, or fully online)
  • Mode of instruction (synchronous-central, synchronous, asynchronous)
  • Types of technology used to deliver course content
  • Whether or not exams and quizzes will be a part of the course
  • The syllabus attachment (.PDF) for that specific delivery method

Once you have completed the Delivery Method form, the system will ask you to complete a Competency Certification form for each Liberal Studies area the course will carry.

Please note that this form must be completed for each Liberal Studies area under each Delivery Method. To complete each form:

  1. Click on the name of the Liberal Studies area (ex: Ethics).
  2. On the subsequent page, check the necessary boxes and answer any questions with text boxes as appropriate.
  3. Once finished, click "Save" on the bottom right of the page.
  4. The CRA will indicate if you have any more forms to complete by displaying an "X" next to incomplete forms (see below for example).

Step Three: Acknowledge Departmental Notification and Submit

This step asks you to certify two things:

  1.  That you have received appropriate departmental approvals to submit the curricular request. If you are in a College that has no departments, certify College-level approval.
  2. That your curriculum request meets the expected minimum requirement for the number of credit hours to be awarded for the course.
  • If you are unsure about the necessary approvals for your department, contact your department chair and/or curriculum chair for more information. 
  • If you are unsure about the number of credit hours to be awarded for the course, see FSU Policy 9-15 Awarding Credit Hours for more information.

Once you have verified the above information, check the boxes in this form and click "Submit" on the bottom left of the page to submit your curricular request.

If you have any questions at any time throughout the Liberal Studies approval process, please contact Kestrel Strickland.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • My curricular request's status is "Pending Form Revision" in the CRA. What does that mean?
    • "Pending Form Revision" means that the CRA is waiting for you to submit revisions to the request forms and/or syllabus. If you're not sure what these revisions are, have questions/concerns about said revisions, or you'd like to know who requested the revisions, contact Kestrel Strickland.
  • My curricular request's status is "Pending Approval" in the CRA. What does that mean?
    • "Pending Approval" means that your request is pending approval of one or more parties involved in the Liberal Studies course approval process. This can include Liberal Studies technical approval, Liberal Studies Course Review Panel review, Director of Liberal Studies approval, UCC Chair approval (for new/changed online deliveries), or SCNS updates. If you'd like to know where exactly your request is in the approval process, contact Kestrel Strickland.


If you have any questions about submitting a curricular request for a Liberal Studies course, please contact Kestrel Strickland for assistance.

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