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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

Liberal Studies Areas & Course Design Expectations

The Liberal Studies program consists of:

  • University-Wide Graduation Requirements
Each designation has its own student learning objectives, course design requirements, and required syllabus language. Click the links for more information.

Keep in mind:

  • E-Series courses must either:
    • Carry a General Education designation OR
    • Be a Scholarship in Practice at the 2000 or 3000 level.
  • Generally, courses cannot carry more than one General Education designation EXCEPT:
    • Humanities and Ethics designations may be combined with each other.
    • Humanities or Ethics designations may also be combined with one other General Education designation.
  • Courses cannot carry both Diversity designations; they may carry either Cross-Cultural Studies (X) or Diversity in Western Experience (Y).
  • Only ENC1101 and ENC2135 carry the English Composition designation.
  • A course can only fulfill one type of Writing requirement (State-Mandated “W”, Upper-Division Writing, or English Composition).
  • A course can carry either the Scholarship in Practice (SIP) or Formative Experience designation, but not both.

Liberal Studies for the 21st Century is located in room A3500 on the third floor of University Center A in the stadium


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