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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

Scholarship in Practice Liberal Studies Course Design

Course Goals and Expectations

Liberal Studies Scholarship in Practice (SIP) courses help students become critical thinkers, creative users of knowledge, and independent thinkers. Courses must engage students in the application of knowledge from a particular field of study and create a tangible product or outcome.

Student Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, student will demonstrate the ability to;

  1. Apply relevant areas of scholarship to produce an original project.
  • Students must produce a scholarly, creative, or professional work or artifact that results from applying key ideas, concepts, theories, and methods of the discipline.
  • Scholarship in Practice courses must be Graded and cannot be offered on a S/U basis.

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Scholarship in Practice requirement and helps you become a critical thinker, a creative user of knowledge, and an independent learner.

In order to fulfill FSU’s Scholarship in Practice requirement, the student must earn a “C–” or higher in the course.

By the end of this course, students will:

  1. Apply relevant areas of scholarship to produce an original project.

These items may be included in an appendix to the syllabus if they are not clearly incorporated into the course syllabus.

  • A description of the project(s) that students will complete in demonstration of their achievement of the learning objective, along with associated grading criteria.
  • A grading rubric or set of criteria for assessing student performance on the project(s).

(Note: Scholarship in Practice courses and Formative Experience courses differ with regard to the arena in which they take place. Scholarship in Practice courses are classroom-based experiences in which student create an original product. Formative Experiences occur outside of the traditional classroom environment. A course can NOT be designated as both Scholarship in Practice and Formative Experience.)

Note: All syllabi are also required to include the syllabus language statements approved by the FSU Faculty Senate, available at

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