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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

Requesting Liberal Studies Course Approval

The Basic Steps

First Step: The Competency Designations
Courses may be certified for one or more Liberal Studies competency designations such as Natural Sciences and Upper-Division Writing or Ethics and Scholarship-inPractice. However, there are limits on the combinations of designations for which a course can be certified. Specifically, a course that is approved to meet a writing requirement (e.g., E-Series, “W”, or Upper-Division Writing) cannot be approved to meet an additional writing requirement. For example, a course cannot be approved as an ESeries and as an Upper-Division Writing course. In addition, most General Education “core” areas cannot be combined with one another (e.g., a course cannot be approved for both History and Humanities/Cultural Practice or for Quantitative and Logical Thinking and Natural Sciences). The exception is that courses approved for Ethics can be combined with courses approved for Humanities and Cultural Practice. This exception reflects how our General Education core designation areas articulate with those in the State Core. All E-Series courses must also be approved for a General Education designation or for Scholarship in Practice. The designations you select for the course will guide your syllabus design and the forms you will complete in the Curriculum Request Application (CRA) portal.

Second Step: The Syllabus
Once the designation requirements for which the course will be approved, you will develop a syllabus that communicates the key goals, learning objectives, substance, and methods of the course for any designations for which approval is requested. The submitted syllabus will also specify how each Liberal Studies learning objective will be assessed. This information can be added in an appendix to the syllabus.

Third Step: Obtaining Department and College Level for Approval
Once your course is ready for review, please route the course through the requisite approval process for your department and college. The Liberal Studies review will begin once the course has been approved by your college.

Fourth Step: Submitting the course for Liberal Studies Review
The course must be submitted for final review via the Curriculum Request Application (CRA) portal, through which it will get routed to faculty members of the Liberal Studies Review Panel after a brief screening for technical issues by Liberal Studies staff. Instructors will get feedback and submit any revisions through the CRA through the approval process. Once approved, the final course submission will be searchable in the CRA.

For a detailed guide to course development for Liberal Studies that encompasses the general steps above, please see Liberal Studies Course Development Guide

Additional information about submitting courses to the CRA can be found here

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