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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

Who We Are

Below is information about Liberal Studies staff and about the faculty committee members that govern and support the Liberal Studies program. Thanks to all of the Liberal Studies committee members for their important work on behalf of the program and our students.

Annette Schwabe

Director of Liberal Studies at FSU
Annette Schwabe is also an Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Senior Teaching Professor in the Department of Sociology, and FSU Distinguished Teacher.

Joshua Mills

Assistant Director of Liberal Studies at FSU
Joshua Mills holds a doctorate in music theory and composition from the College of Music


Liberal Studies Coordinating and Policy Committee (LSCPC)

The LSCPC, a Faculty Senate Committee, is the main governing board for the Liberal Studies Program. Members of the LSCPC meet monthly during the academic year to develop and propose to the Faculty Senate policy related to the General Education curriculum and University-wide undergraduate requirements. The LSCPC also develops and oversees course approval criteria and processes as well as the development of policies and processes related to assessment of student learning and program evaluation. Current members of the LSCPC will serve through spring semester of 2017, when a staggered, three-year rotation cycle of members will begin.

  • James Fadool, Biological Science, Arts and Sciences
  • Kris Harper, History, Arts and Sciences*
  • Mark Kearley, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arts and Sciences
  • Reginald Perry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering*
  • Piers Rawling, Philosophy, Arts and Sciences
  • Annette Schwabe, Sociology, Social Sciences and Public Policy, Chair
  • Lisa Tripp, Motion Picture Arts*
  • To be approved by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee in August, 2017.
  • To be approved by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee in August, 2017.
  • Karen Laughlin, Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Ex-Officio)
  • Joe O’Shea, Assistant Provost (Ex-Officio, Representative for Provost McRorie)

*Also a member of the LSCPC Review Sub-Committee


The Liberal Studies Course Review Panel reviews all courses submitted for approval for inclusion in the Liberal Studies curriculum and provides constructive feedback to instructors on course development and design.

    • Kevin Beaver, Criminology
    • George Boggs, Teacher Education
    • Wanda Brister, Music
    • Jeff Chanton, EOAS: Oceanography
    • Eric Chicken, Statistics
    • Joe Clark, Communication (ODL)
    • Kathy Clark, Teacher Education
    • Chalet Comellas, Art
    • Mickey Damelio, Education
    • Jim Dawkins, Interior Design
    • Stephanie Dillon, Chemistry
    • Adam Gaiser, Religion
    • Carolina Gonzáles, Modern Languages
    • Robin Goodman, English
    • Tarez Graban, English
    • Patrick Hollis, Engineering
    • Amy Huber, Interior Design
    • Laura Keller, Biology
    • Colleen Kelley, Psychology
    • Amy Kowal, Anthropology
    • Gloria Lessan, Sociology
    • Tracie Mahaffey, Philosophy
    • Katherine Mooney, History
    • Michael Neal, English
    • William Parker, EOAS: Geology
    • Stan Pelkey, Music
    • Kenny Reynolds, Accounting
    • Anthony Rhine, Theatre
    • Pamela Robbins, History
    • Mary Jane Ryals, Management
    • John Schwenkler, Philosophy
    • James Sickinger, Classics
    • Lisa Spainhour, Engineering
    • Ned Stuckey-French, English
    • Cindy Studenic-Lewis, Nursing
    • Besiki Stvilia, Information
    • Gretchen Sunderman, Modern Languages
    • Ulla Sypher, Communication
    • Kathy Tillman, Sociology
    • Lauren Weingarden, Art History
    • Ian Whitacre, Math Education
    • Tingting Zhao, Geography

For Additional Information or Help

Please feel free to contact Josh Mills or Annette Schwabe

Liberal Studies for the 21st Century is located in the University Center building C.


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