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Liberal Studies

for the 21st Century

  • Find a Liberal Studies Course Here

    The Liberal Studies course database allows students to find courses approved for Liberal Studies. Here students can search for courses that meet one or multiple specific Liberal Studies requirements.

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  • E-Series Courses

    The E-Series courses focus on broad questions that are relevant to humanity and our natural world and can be explored, examined, and experimented upon (thus the “E”). E-SEries courses are created for non-majors and are designed to foster critical thinking in allowing students to compare multiple perspectives on persistent issues.

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  • Civic Literacy Test Availability


  • Liberal Studies Assessment of Student Learning

    Liberal Studies will gather data on student achievement in selected courses during the Spring 2019 semester.

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Welcome to Liberal Studies for the 21st Century at Florida State University!

The current curriculum was developed in 2014 and implemented in the summer of 2015. Faculty who teach Liberal Studies courses span the disciplines and are committed to providing students with the academic experiences, intellectual capacities and skills that allow students to thrive in college, to make informed career choices, and to flourish in their personal lives.

Liberal Studies General Education courses, usually taken in the first two years, foster academic and personal development and build a foundation for success in the major and beyond. The Liberal Studies University-wide courses, often taken during the upper-division, extend and deepen the student learning experience and enhance the student’s ability to integrate diverse ideas and information. Together, the general education and university-wide Liberal Studies curriculum help students develop habits of the mind that foster life-long engagement and satisfaction.

The Liberal Studies for the 21st Century program is administered within the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

Lynn Hogan, Director

View Liberal Studies Curriculum

FSU’s innovative Liberal Studies curriculum allows students to work with faculty across a wide range of disciplines. The diverse course options for meeting Liberal Studies requirements allow students to develop essential intellectual tools for success in the major through cutting-edge scholarly and creative courses..

Find a Course

You may search by course, title, number, or instructor last name or you may search for courses that meet certain requirements using the drop-down menus.

E-Series Courses

E-Series courses focus on significant questions relevant to humanity and can be engaged, explored, and evaluated using multiple perspectives across disciplinary areas. These distinctive inquiry-based courses help students develop creative and analytical thinking and allow students to interact closely with excellent faculty instructors.

Liberal Studies for the 21st Century is located in room A3500 on the third floor of University Center A in the stadium


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