Where can I find a list of the Liberal Studies requirements?

Who can I talk to about meeting the Liberal Studies requirements?

Your academic advisor can discuss Liberal Studies requirements with you and help keep you on track for graduation. Your advisor can also help you determine your options when you are planning your course schedule for the upcoming term. You can find your academic advisor by using the Advisor Search tool. The Office of Liberal Studies does not offer advising services.

How can I find Liberal Studies courses that interest me?

There are a variety of Liberal Studies courses across many different subject areas. The versatility of Liberal Studies courses allows you to investigate topics that personally interest you. To search courses by Liberal Studies area, keywords, course title, and/or course number, visit the Find a Liberal Studies Course page. Note that not all of the courses on this page are offered every semester. You can use the Class Search tool in Student Central and/or consult with your advisor to determine course offerings for upcoming terms.

How can I explore different majors and see the Liberal Studies requirements for each one?

To explore different major options and view the requirements for each one, see the Academic Program Guide to find what works best for you.

How do I fulfill the Civic Literacy requirement?

For information on fulfilling the Civic Literacy requirement, visit the Civic Literacy Requirement page. All first-time in college (FTIC) students who entered FSU starting in Summer C/Fall 2018 or later must meet the requirement.

I have AICE, AP, IB, and/or CLEP credit. Can any of these credits fulfill my Liberal Studies requirements?

Visit the Accelerated Credit page to determine if and how your credits can fulfill your degree requirements. Your academic advisor can also help you determine this information.


Where can I submit a curricular request?

  • To submit a curricular request for:
    • A) a new course seeking Liberal Studies designations, or
    • B) an existing course seeking to add or remove one or more Liberal Studies designations
  • Log into the Curricular Request Application (CRA).

How do I submit my curricular request in the Curricular Request Application?

How should I time my curricular request?

The course approval process can take a few months from start to finish. These guidelines will help you plan ahead so your course has the best chance of being approved and ready for students to enroll when registration opens for the desired effective semester.

  • Before submitting a course approval request in the Curriculum Request Application (CRA), please ensure that the request has completed all notification and approval requirements for your department or College (per your department or College's bylaws). Each unit has its own timeline and process for requests.
  • Once a request has department or College approval and is entered in the CRA, the Office of Liberal Studies can begin processing the request. Liberal Studies processing, faculty review, and approval takes six to eight weeks on average.
  • Thus, it is best to submit your request as soon as possible to allow reasonable processing time of the request before the desired effective term.

For an effective term of Summer or Fall semester 2022:

We recommend submission in the CRA no later than December 2021.

For an effective term of Spring semester 2023:

We recommend submission in the CRA before the beginning of March 2022.

While the Office of Liberal Studies cannot guarantee any effective term, the above recommendations were developed in an effort to meet faculty expectations. The earlier the request, the best chance of it being approved in time for course registration. The approval process timeline is dependent upon unit responses to requested revisions and other communication.

Where can I find design requirements for each Liberal Studies designation?

  • Design requirements for each Liberal Studies designation can be found on the Faculty Resources page.
    • In addition to design requirements, you may find the required syllabus language, student learning objectives, and suggestions for the syllabus for each designation.

What restrictions exist for which Liberal Studies designations a course can carry?

  • General Education courses must be offered at a level of 1000, 2000, or 3000.
  • Generally, courses cannot carry more than one General Education designation EXCEPT:
    • Humanities and Cultural Practice and Ethics designations may be combined with each other.
    • Humanities and Cultural Practice or Ethics designations may also be combined with one other General Education designation.
  • Courses cannot carry both Diversity designations; they may carry either Cross-Cultural (X) or Diversity in Western Experience (Y).
  • Only ENC1101 and ENC2135 carry the English Composition designation.
  • A course can only fulfill one type of Writing requirement (State-Mandated “W”, Upper-Division Writing, or English Composition).
  • A course can carry either the Scholarship in Practice (SIP) or Formative Experience designation, but not both.
  • Upper-Division Writing courses must be taught at a level of 3000 or 4000.
  • Formative Experiences may also be certified as satisfying the Upper-Division Writing and Oral Communication Competency requirements, but they may not carry any other Liberal Studies designation. 

How many Liberal Studies designations can I request for a course?

  • While there is no maximum number of Liberal Studies designations a course can carry, it is generally recommended that faculty request no more than three designations per course.
    • The more designations that a course fulfills, the more difficult it is to satisfy the requirements for each designation.

If you have any questions or concerns about fulfilling the requirements for one or more designations, please contact Kestrel Strickland or Lynn Hogan.

Where can I find additional resources for developing a Liberal Studies course?

Who should I contact if I have more questions about Liberal Studies?

  • For general questions about Liberal Studies requirements as well as questions about the Curricular Request Application (CRA), contact Kestrel Strickland.
  • For other questions, contact Lynn Hogan.

How can I become a Liberal Studies Faculty Reviewer?

If you are interested in becoming a faculty reviewer for Liberal Studies courses, contact Kestrel Strickland for more information.


Where can I find an overview of Liberal Studies requirements for undergraduate students?

What are the Liberal Studies requirements for transfer students?

Liberal Studies requirements for transfer students can be found on the Transfer Students page, the Requirements for Transfer Students document on the website, as well as in The Undergraduate Bulletin.

What are the Florida Statewide Core requirements for undergraduate students?

Florida Statewide Core requirements can be found on the The Liberal Studies Curriculum page.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about Liberal Studies requirements?

Faculty and staff can contact Kestrel Strickland with any questions or concerns about Liberal Studies requirements. Students should contact their advisor regarding fulfilling Liberal Studies requirements.



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