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The Diversity requirement has changed for all FSU Students. the x and y categories no longer apply. now, students have the freedom to choose any two Diversity courses that interest them. Instructors teaching Diversity courses need only update their syllabi with the current Diversity Syllabus Language. currently approved Diversity courses will remain approved.

Liberal Studies Designations and Course Design

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The Liberal Studies curriculum at FSU starts when a student enters the University and continues until graduation. Liberal Studies lays the foundation for the major and continues to support skills development throughout each student’s time at FSU.

The curriculum consists of two parts: General Education Requirements and University-Wide Graduation Requirements. Each of the area requirements carries a unique set of learning outcomes and design expectations.

To certify a course for one or more Liberal Studies areas, a request must be submitted using the Curricular Request Application (CRA). See How to Submit a Curricular Request for more information.

Click on the links below to learn about each area and see how you can contribute to the Liberal Studies curriculum.

General Education Requirements








University Wide Graduation Requirements




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